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Quotations by Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

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(from trailer)
Buzz Aldrin: You cannot believe what we're seeing...
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from trailer]
Mission Control: We are not alone after all, are we?
Buzz Aldrin: No, sir. We are not alone. (

(from trailer)
Walter Cronkite: We now have had confirmation of loss of signal from Apollo 11. Apollo 11 is on the far side of the moon...
(at Mission Control, someone turns off a transmitter to the news station)
Mission Control: Neil, you are dark on the rock. The mission is a "go". You have 21 minutes... (

(from trailer)
Sam Witwicky: (comforting Carly) You're gonna be fine, I promise... (

(from trailer)
Simmons: Years from now, they are gonna ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? (

(from trailer)
Optimus Prime: From here, the fight will be your own... (

(from trailer)
Optimus Prime: You have made a grave mistake...

(from trailer)
Sam Witwicky: (pointing a gun) WHERE IS SHE? (

(from trailer)
Optimus Prime: Everything humans know of our planet we were told had been shared. You lied to us. (

(from trailer)
Robert Epps: (to Sam) It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over. (

(from trailer)
Optimus Prime: You may lose faith in us, but never in yourselves. (

Sam Witwicky: It's starting! (

Sam Witwicky: That's my car! (

(from trailer)
Sam Witwicky: Humans are working with the Decepticons. (

(from trailer)
Optimus Prime: The enemy's return is certain. (

(from trailer)
Charlotte Mearing: Our entire space programme of the 1960s was in response to an event... (

(from trailer)
Sam Witwicky: (looking at documents) Bee, there's something else going on here. The moon programme, the cover-ups, the assassinations, it's all led to this... (

Optimus Prime: Today we take the battle to them! (

Carly Miller: I love this car. (

Charlotte Mearing: You are not a soldier. You are a messenger. You've always been a messenger. (

Shockwave: Optimus! Starscream: I can't see! I can't see! (

Optimus Prime: In any war, there are calms between storms. There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come, that we forsake this planet, and its people. (

Bruce Brazos: WTF to that. (

Sentinel Prime: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (

Brains: (sneaks into the Decepticon ship) This is one big cluster... (

Lennox: What the hell was that?
Optimus Prime: That, is Shockwave.

Laserbeak: Is your Daddy home? (

Megatron: All hail Megatron! (

Sentinel Prime: Optimus, all I ever wanted was the survival of our race. You must see why I had to betray you.
Optimus Prime: You didn't betray me, you betrayed yourself.
Sentinel Prime: No, Optimus! (

Sam Witwicky: We got to get Sentinel out of here. He's the key to all of this!
Sentinel Prime: Indeed I am! What you don't realize my Autobot brothers, is in order to win the war, a deal had to be made... with Megatron. (

Dutch: I am sorry. That is the old me. (

Lennox: Snipers, take out their eyes. (

Jerry Wang: Who wants some chicken dinner now, b*tch? Huh? Looks like someone messed with the wrong Wang today! (

Robert Epps: Why do the Decepticons always get the good sh*t? (

Charlotte Mearing: (Repeated line) Don't call me Ma'am, I'm not a ma'am. (

Optimus Prime: In any war, there are calms between the storms.
Optimus Prime: There will be days when we lose faith.
Optimus Prime: Days when our allies turn against us.
Optimus Prime: But the day will never come when we forsake this planet and its people.
Optimus Prime: For I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to the universe:
Optimus Prime: We are here.
Optimus Prime: We are home. (

Dylan: You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?
Sam Witwicky: No, I'm just a messenger. (

Robert Epps: Decepticons get all the cool sh*t! Hey y'all, we about to get eaten! (

Optimus Prime: Your leaders will now understand: Decepticons will never leave your planet alone, and we needed them to believe we had gone. For today, in the name of freedom, we take the battle to them! (

Sentinel Prime: I hereby discharge you from duty. (

Megatron: Now we meet the truth all I wanted back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?
Optimus Prime: Time to find out!
(closes his face panel preparing for the final battle) (

Ironhide: Class dismissed. (

Leadfoot: We ain't goin' anywhere. (

Bumblebee: Good-bye my oldest friend. (

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